image Love, romance, and desire surrounded Bea Manfred when she made the big move. Her friend, Audrey Keene, invited Bea to share her home in Hurst, Texas. The excitement really began when Audrey and Mack’s best friend, Sam Henry, set up a date for Bea and Maxwell Carr. It was an instant romance for Bea and Mack. Love was in the air from the moment they met. Texas is the perfect backdrop for this romantic story. There is an interesting twist between Bea and Mack, and even though it is in plain sight, you may quickly forget about it. At times, the problems with her son offset the ensuing romance between Bea and Mack. Adam Manfred, a famous and wealthy heart surgeon, wants to exercise control over his mother’s life, and he forces Bea to put an end to his demands. He no longer has control over his married daughter’s life, beautiful Kim Hoffman. Adam wants to destroy her marriage to Matt. Bea and Kim try to see the best in Adam, as he continues on his path of self-destruction. Adam is hell bent on manipulating and twisting everything until he finds himself caught up in his own web of deceit and lies. Betraying his daughter Kim, his mother Bea, and his new wife Janet Castillo, all are shocked at his outrageous attempts at hiding the truth. In the end, Bea looks for a way to defend her son to Mack, Audrey, Sam, even to her own granddaughter Kim. The only thing left holding them together now, is the mother-child bonding. Bea must stand by the sidelines, with hopes that Adam has one last chance to turn things around. This is the second book in the love series.