Love and romance are words that define Whitney Gonzales in life. Surrounded by her husband, Adrian, and best friends, Kim and Matt, Whitney considers herself a very lucky woman. She has a successful gift shop business located in a beautiful mountain setting. She has the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica, the native country of her husband, to buy inventory for her shop. Most importantly, she and Adrian are talking about starting a family. Yes, life seems to be quite perfect for Whitney.

One day a stranger unexpectedly enters Whitney’s perfect life and takes her away from everything she holds dear. Stripped of even the most basic of necessities, Whitney now must fight her way out of this new reality. Gradually, however, it seeps into her heart and mind that she belongs in this new place, away from all that was once hers. She ceases to struggle against her captor, allowing him to rule every fiber of her body and corner of her mind, even her dreams.

When Adrian receives a letter from Whitney many months later, he uses the information to search for her. He is shocked by what he finds and wonders what this monster has done to her. Adrian and Matt take Whitney home, and Kim tries to bring her back to her former self. Whitney, however, is expecting a baby, which complicates her recovery. Over time, Whitney finds her voice again and gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, whom she names Luke. She receives a letter from Luke’s father, but she is afraid to open it and sets it aside. Fearing that the child’s father will come back into her life, she realizes that she has to protect Luke at all costs. She is even willing to pay the ultimate price and places her son in adoption to save him from his father.

Adrian and Whitney sell everything and move to Costa Rica to be near Adrian’s family and away from all the bad memories. Day by day, Adrian senses that he is losing his wife a little at a time. She lives in her own world, sadly dreaming of her lost son. One afternoon, she happens to find the letter from Luke’s father, still unopened. She finally decides to open it, and when she reads it, the words completely change her life.
What happens next must be read by you, the reader. Is it heaven or hell that calls Whitney now?